Dear visitors,

Allow me introduce myself—my name is Axel and I'm a transgender male in California who transitioned at age 50. I've always been passionate about social justice, representation, and visibility, having come out in the Act-Up world and also having been denied becoming a Rabbi, simply because I am queer. 

And, I've continued to get back up and try again but, darn if it isn't getting harder. So, I'm trying to figure out how to make a living doing what I love most: supporting others and creating graphics. :)

I look forward to this next adventure and hope you'll come along on the ride with me as I work to build self-confidence and to spread kindness to others. 

With much appreciation...wishing you kindness.

Respect! Axel

PS With all the new voter laws across the USA, please make sure you check your new requirements so your voice is heard, no matter your political party! 

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